Beautiful herbaceous begonia with an interesting foliage. Leaves with long petioles, ovate-lanceolate, dark green in colour, strongly dotted with silvery white; margins slightly crenate. Red underleaf. 14 cm pot   

~~Herbaceous perennial up to 70 cm high. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, toothed. Flowers 6-7 cm in diameter, bell-shaped, white. Hardy. In Winter it dies back to the roots. Half shade. Manchuria and Japan. Bare rooted (winter) 16 cm pot 

~~Pachycaul species. This plant produces a single stem that can reach 2 m in height and that has a swollen base with small suckers. Leaves approximately palmate, 20-25 cm in diameter, 5-lobed, reddish-green (bronze if in intense light). Flowers pendulous, white shaded with pink. It flowers in...

Form of Adenium obesum. Leaves larger and flowers pastel-pink on the margins. Southern Africa. Not hardy. Bare rooted 14 cm pot

This small plant, usually up to 50 cm high, has very hairy stems and leaves. The leaves, that are ovate and toothed, have red margins when young. The flowers are produced in large quantity from Spring to Summer: they are slender and tubular, red with white throat. Tropical America. Not hardy. 14...

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Canna flaccida (Cannaceae)

Cannaceae Specie rizomatosa alta fino a 2 m. Foglie verde-chiaro di 20-45 x 8-11 cm, ellittiche, lanceolate, con apice acuto. Fiori...

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Opuntia ovata (Maihueniopsis ovata) (Cactaceae)

This species is very rare in cultivation. Segments egg-shaped or almost spherical, about 3-4 x 1.5-2 cm. Very dwarf and caespitose. Spines...

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Syringa reflexa (Oleaceae)

Branched shrub, up to 3 m in height. Leaves ovate-oblong, up to 15 cm long. Flowers pink, tubular, in dense, apical, pendulous...

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Helicodiceros muscivorus (Dracunculus muscivorus) (Arecaceae)

Unusual and rare tuberous plant. Leaves lanceolate to arrow-shaped or compound, about 50 cm long, with white-green, purple-spotted,...

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Smithiantha zebrina (Gesneriaceae)

Rhizomatous species. Herbaceous stems 30-40 cm high. Leaves heart-shaped, 8-10 cm in size, dark green spotted with dark purple-red, densely...

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