~~South African native from the Western Cape. Stems up to 50 cm high, but usually decumbent or creeping. Leaves 5-lobed, with roundish lobes, densely pubescent and strongly mint candy scented. Flowers 15 mm in diameter, white, spotted with pink on the upper petals. Flowers are arranged in short...

Rhizomatous species up to 45 cm high. Leaves 6 × 3 cm, ovate-lanceolate, toothed, reddish. Flowers axillary, bright red in colour with a yellow throat. Hybrid obtained in 1973 between Achimenes erecta and Smithiantha zebrina. Not hardy. Very beautiful and unusual. It grows from April-May through...

~~ Species with quadrangular stems which are 90 x 6-8 mm. Flowers solitary or in groups of 3, 3.5 –5 cm in diameter, finely tuberculated, yellow with red-purple spots and ciliate margins. Origin: Natal. Rooted cutting Cutting  

Similar to Lobivia silvestrii, but stems stronger and flowers larger and vivid red in colour. Very beautiful and easy to grow. Cutting Bare root 10 cm pot  

Succulent plant. Stems greyish-green, brown with age, 15 x 0.8-1 cm, wrinkled. Flowers small (4-5 mm), dark purple outwards, slightly bell-shaped. Flower lobes purple or pink inwards, ovate-deltoid, with slightly revolute margins. Tanzania. Cutting Rooted cutting 

~~Sub-shrub species. Leaves almost roundish or slightly longer and wing-shaped, glossy, slightly red below. Flowers white or pinkish-white, small but abundantly produced almost all year long. Easy. Well drained soil. Allow drying before watering again. Reduce waterings in winter. Shade. Native to...

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Kohleria x hybr. (Red flowered ) (Gesneriaceae)

Very ornamental and beautiful perennial plant. Leaves lance-shaped, about 8 cm long, very velvety, red-shaded on veins and margins. Flowers...

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Pachypodium saundersii (Apocynaceae)

Shrubby pachycaul succulent. The stem base of old plants is almost spherical, up to one meter wide, and bearing many spined and gnarled...

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Sansevieria gracilis (Dracenaceae)

Unusual sansevieria with rosettes of conical, sharpened, white-and-green-striped leaves. Rhizomes thin, lifted over the ground by strong...

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Hippeastrum papilio (Amaryllidaceae)

Stupendous bulbous plant characterized by large flowers, in group of 3-4, with 6, deep red, green-striped petals. Southern Brazil (Mata...

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Colocasia affinis (Alocasia jenningsii) (Araceae)

Beautiful showy species. Leaves pendulous, 10-15 × 7-10 cm in size, green with symmetrical, shaded, olive-green-brown blotches. It prefers...

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Senecio rowleyanus (Asteraceae) (Asteraceae)

Succulent species. Stems prostrate or decumbent, 20-60 cm long, rooting at nodes. Leaves succulent, globose, 8 mm in diameter, light-green...

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