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~~Herbaceous species with fleshy roots. Stems herbaceous, up to 60 cm long, deciduous in winter. Leaves alternate, ovate-lanceolate, serrate. Flowers bell-shaped with 5 lobes, purple-blue in colour. Flowers open copiously and for most of the summer at the stem apex. Hardy species originating in...

Herbaceous perennial forming dwarf clumps close to the soil. Leaves spathulate, intensely dark purple-red in colour. Leaves are darker in winter and in brighter exposures. Flowers blue, bilabiate, in erect inflorescences. Spring-flowering. Unusual and ornamental. It can easily grow in any soil, but...

Fibrous-rooted succulent begonia. Leaves peltate-ovate, alternate, fleshy, densely covered with white hairs. White flowers. Full sunshine and well drained soil. Keep rather dry in Winter. Mexico and Guatemala. 12 cm pot

Beautiful herbaceous begonia with an interesting foliage. Leaves with long petioles, ovate-lanceolate, dark green in colour, strongly dotted with silvery white; margins slightly crenate. Red underleaf. 14 cm pot   

~~Pachycaul species from african desets. Very beautiful pink open-tubular flowers. Keep very dry and in warm atmosphere during the winter. Very ornamental even whithout flowers. Known also as 'Desert rose'. 10 seeds  

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Opuntia microdasys var. albispina (Cactaceae)

Small opuntia with oval flat pads covered with numerous areoles of very white glochids and without spines. Centre and north of Mexico....

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Cyrtanthus elatus (Amaryllidaceae)

Very beautiful and showy bulbous species, up to 60 cm high. In Spring-Summer it produces wonderful, crimson flowers, looking like the...

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Huernia x pendurata (Apocynaceae)

Ibrido tra H. pendula e H. hystrix. Stems numerous, 8-10 mm in diameter, violet-glaucous. Very beautiful, even without flowers. Flowers...

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Smithiantha multiflora GRF9121 (Gesneriaceae)

~~Rhizomatous species. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, toothed, pubescent, green with darker stripes. Flowers pendulous, funnel-shaped, white, in...

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Rhipsalis baccifera ssp. baccifera (Rhipsalis cassutha) (Cactaceae)

Epiphytic succulent with thin, drooping, very branched stems. Small, numerous, white-yellow flowers. White fruits. Distribution: Nicaragua,...

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Huernia volkartii var. repens (Huernia repens) (Apocynaceae)

Stems up to 50 cm long, creeping and slightly arched, 8-10 mm in diameter, not very toothed. Flowers cup-shaped, cream with pink spots,...

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