Succulent with stems being clumping, branched, slightly hairy, about 12 cm high and about 1 cm in diameter. Flowers in small basal groups, pinkish-white, about 4 cm in diameter, star shaped. Half shade in Summer. Cutting  Rooted cutting   

~~Herbaceous species. Leaves almost roundish, slightly 5-lobed, slightly pubescent, intense green above and reddish below, carried by a long petiole. Flowers white shaded with reddish pink, on a long stalk. Well drained soil. Half-shade or shade. Water when the soil is almost completely dry. Reduce...

~~Rosettes of triangular, succulent, keeled, slender, slightly toothed leaves with transparent stripes at apex. S. Africa. Half-hardy. Bare root 10 cm pot  

American variety. Purple stems. Leaves slenderly heart-shaped, green with purple venations. Edible tubers. Purple red skin. Flesh violet-pink speckled with white. Good chestnut taste. High producer in deep fertile soils. Cutting 14 cm pot 

~~Small shrub. Ornamental because of the 10 cm long clusters of crimson small fruits. Leaves cordate, ovate. Flowers small, whitish, star-shaped. Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. 14 cm pot

Description not available. Tuber

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Euphorbia sp. (Euphorbiaceae)

New species, recently discovered. Stems thick, quadrangular, grey-green, very branched. Not very spiny. Flowers yellowish....

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Euphorbia graniticola (Euphorbiaceae)

Branched, ribbed, striped succulent. Big spines linked by a continuous woody shield. White ribs. Very beautiful. From Mozambique to...

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Capsicum annuum var. aviculare (Solanaceae)

~~This is probably the original wild pepper from which all the cultivated cultivars originate. Known as Tepín. It still grows wild in...

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Opuntia alexanderi (Tephrocactus alexanderi) (Cactaceae)

Sub-shrub with globose segments (9  3.5 cm). Spines up to 4 cm long, dark, curved downwards at first. Very beautiful. Flowers pink....

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Hippeastrum roseum (Rhodophiala rosea) (Amaryllidaceae)

Leaves linear, deciduous in Winter. Flower stem 30-45 cm long, carrying 4 flowers. Flowers bell-shaped, orange-pink in colour with darker...

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Euphorbia clava (Euphorbiaceae)

Beautiful species with club-shaped stem with tubercles and long leaves near the apex. Cup green flowers. Bare root   14 cm pot   

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