Beautiful herbaceous begonia with an interesting foliage. Leaves with long petioles, ovate-lanceolate, dark green in colour, strongly dotted with silvery white; margins slightly crenate. Red underleaf. 14 cm pot   

Herbaceous perennial forming dwarf clumps close to the soil. Leaves spathulate, intensely dark purple-red in colour. Leaves are darker in winter and in brighter exposures. Flowers blue, bilabiate, in erect inflorescences. Spring-flowering. Unusual and ornamental. It can easily grow in any soil, but...

Beautiful caudiciform, very rare in cultivation. Caudex covered with whitish furrowed cork, very unusual and ornamental. Stem twining, deciduous, annual. Leaves heart-shaped, ornamental, about 8 cm in size. Flowers blackish-brown, fleshy, star-shaped, Caralluma-like, about 2 cm in diameter. It can...

This hybrid was obtained in our nursery from Echidnopsis globosa. Stems creeping, strong, with roundish tubercles. Flowers apical, bell-shaped, brick-red in colour, 0.5 cm in diameter. Beautiful and interesting. Half shade. Well drained medium that must be completely dry in...

~~Herbaceous species. Leaves almost roundish, slightly 5-lobed, slightly pubescent, intense green above and reddish below, carried by a long petiole. Flowers white shaded with reddish pink, on a long stalk. Well drained soil. Half-shade or shade. Water when the soil is almost completely dry. Reduce...

Succulent with stems being cylindrical, creeping, branched, 1,5 cm in diameter, tubercled, brown-reddish. Small star-shaped velvety red flowers. Very rare in cultivation. Half shade in Summer. Somalia. Cutting Bare root

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Hippeastrum roseum (Rhodophiala rosea) (Amaryllidaceae)

Leaves linear, deciduous in Winter. Flower stem 30-45 cm long, carrying 4 flowers. Flowers bell-shaped, orange-pink in colour with darker...

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Zephyranthes rosea (Amaryllidaceae)

Bulbous species. Leaves up to 15 cm × 6 mm, 4 per bulb. Flowers funnel-shaped, pink, up to 3 cm in diameter, on a 15 cm long stalk. Cuba....

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Aloe variegata (Aloaceae)

Aloaceae Stemless rosette. Leaves with a a very marked keel, usually arranged in three ranks, green-brownish, white-spotted,...

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Campanula primulifolia (Campanulaceae)

One beautiful Campanula species. Long inflorescences (up to 90 cm) formed by numerous, large, open-campanulate, blue-purple flowers with a...

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Euphorbia milii var. breonii (Euphorbiaceae)

Similar to the type species, but size larger, stems circular in section, spines and flowers bigger. Very beautiful and richly flowering....

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Ipomoea batatas ‘Speckled Purple’ (Convolvulaceae)

American variety. Purple stems. Leaves slenderly heart-shaped, green with purple venations. Edible tubers. Purple red skin. Flesh...

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