~~This hybrid was obtained in our nursery. Stems tufted, not very toothed, almost circular in section. Flowers 5-lobed (sometimes 6-lobed), white in the centre and pink on the lobes, fully dotted with red.

Rhizomatous species up to 45 cm high. Leaves 6 × 3 cm, ovate-lanceolate, toothed, reddish. Flowers axillary, bright red in colour with a yellow throat. Hybrid obtained in 1973 between Achimenes erecta and Smithiantha zebrina. Not hardy. Very beautiful and unusual. It grows from April-May through...

Very creeping small succulent, with stems divided in articles that are more or less clavate. Flowers star-shaped, about 2.5 cm in diameter, reddish-brown, with lobes that are completely reflexed all along their central axis. Southern Africa. Cutting Rooted cutting

Stems 1.5 cm in diameter, erect, 10-15 cm long, with many, small, blunt, not very protruding tubercles. Flowers saucer-like, yellow, about 8-10 mm in size. Cutting  Rooted cutting  

Stems erect, thin, light green in colour. Tubercles conical and prominent. Flowers white, concentrically and thinly striped with purple-brown. Yemen. Half shade and well drained soil. Keep dry in winter. Very rare species, only very recently introduced. Disponibile da maggio / Available from...

~~Herbaceous species. Leaves almost roundish, slightly 5-lobed, slightly pubescent, intense green above and reddish below, carried by a long petiole. Flowers white shaded with reddish pink, on a long stalk. Well drained soil. Half-shade or shade. Water when the soil is almost completely dry. Reduce...

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Pterocactus tuberosus (Cactaceae)

Unusual tuberous cactus with large and showy yellow flowers. Stem cylindrical, metallic brown, downy. Branches detach easily, root and...

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Canarina canariensis Sierra de Anaga, Tenerife (Campanulaceae)

Winter growing species. Stems up to 1.5 m in length, scandent. Flowers very showy, 4 cm in size, bell-shaped, pendulous, orange-red...

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Abromeitiella chlorantha (Bromeliaceae)

Bromeliaceae This species, originating from southern Bolivia, has triangular leaves that are toothed at the base, pointed at apex and...

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Hippeastrum roseum (Rhodophiala rosea) (Amaryllidaceae)

Leaves linear, deciduous in Winter. Flower stem 30-45 cm long, carrying 4 flowers. Flowers bell-shaped, orange-pink in colour with darker...

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Tulbaghia violacea (Amaryllidaceae)

~~Bulbous South-African plant, to 20-30 cm, evergreen, with long and narrow leaves and star-shaped, violet flowers in groups of 6-10....

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Sansevieria kirkii var. pulchra (Dracenaceae)

Rosette succulent with very stiff leaves being dark green, white-mottled, wavy, and coppery pink shaded. Big white inflorescences. Very...

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