~~ Also known as “zebra haworthia”, this plant has slender rosettes with leaves crossed by horizontal, rised, white stripes. The margin is smooth in the upper half. Uitenhage District and Albany District, Cape Province. Half-hardy.

This hybrid was obtained in our nursery from Echidnopsis globosa. Stems creeping, strong, with roundish tubercles. Flowers apical, bell-shaped, brick-red in colour, 0.5 cm in diameter. Beautiful and interesting. Half shade. Well drained medium that must be completely dry in...

Description not available. 1 bulb.

Leaves solitary, or rarely in pairs, up to 50 cm long, channelled, transversely striped, looking like tusks emerging from the soil. Flowers in dense inflorescences at soil level. Eastern Africa. Not hardy. Young plants. Bare root  16 cm pot   

This clivia species originates in the eastern South African coast. Leaves are ribbon-like, about 50 cm long and 4 cm wide, evergreen. Floral stems are about 40-45 cm long, carrying 10-20 flowers. Flowers tubular, pendulous, orange, green-tipped. It flowers from autumn to spring. Water abundantly in...

~~Small globose-depressed cactus being ribbed and about 5 cm in diameter. Spines numerous, brown. Flower yellow with red stigma, about 5 cm in diameter. It clumps by short basal stolons. Half shade in Summer. Easy. Bare rooted Pot

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Abromeitiella chlorantha (Bromeliaceae)

Bromeliaceae This species, originating from southern Bolivia, has triangular leaves that are toothed at the base, pointed at apex and...

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Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’ (Dracenaceae)

Very beautiful plant with rhizome producing rosettes of tongue-like, succulent, fibrous and erect leaves, about 40 x 8 cm in size, in the...

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Hippeastrum vittatum x hybrida (Amaryllidaceae)

Bulbous species. Leaves narrow, deciduous in Winter. Flower stem up to 45 cm, carrying 2-4 flowers. Flowers rather large, 6-tepalled....

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Echidnopsis scutellata ssp. dhofarensis Oman (Apocynaceae)

Stems 1.5 cm in diameter, erect, 10-15 cm long, with many, small, blunt, not very protruding tubercles. Flowers saucer-like, yellow, about...

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Orbeanthus hardyi (Apocynaceae)

Stems four-ribbed, up to 30 cm long, green spotted with purple. Flowers apical, solitary or in pairs, 6.5-7 cm in diameter, cream-yellow...

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Sansevieria phillipsiae clone 1 (Dracenaceae)

  Species with leaves being cylindrical, grooved, erect, dull green striped with light green, about 15 mm in diameter. Rhizomes creeping...

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