~~Climber with succulent and elliptical leaves. Very beautiful pendulous umbels with withe-pink, succulent and velvety flowers. Not very rare but showy and ornamental. Half shade. Easy. India, Burma e southern China. Cutting  Bare root 10 cm pot   

~~Stems strong, square in section, toothed, pubescent. Flowers up to 14 cm in diameter, 5-lobed, yellow strongly striped with red, with purple central hairs and with white hairs on the lobe margins. South Africa, where it grows among shrubs on gentle slopes, in plains or on rocky exposed outcrops...

Bare root (from june to october) 16 cm pot 

Strong creeping and clumping succulent. Stems massive, up to 4 cm in diameter, 4-angled. Flowers very beautiful, almost black, wrinkled, about 4 cm in diameter, incredibly stinking, with very mobile cilia, in numerous and compact groups. Very ornamental. Full sunshine but half shade in Summer....

Very ornamental and beautiful perennial plant. Leaves lance-shaped, about 8 cm long, very velvety, red-shaded on veins and margins. Flowers numerous, tubular, red, 4 cm long, velvety, during long periods. Keep in filtered light. 6 rhizomes 14 cm pot   

The tuberous roots of this variety have a dark purple skin and a white flesh that is slightly pinkish just under the skin. This plant is much cultivated in South America for its tuberous, edible, sweet roots usually eaten like fruits. It can grow up to 2 m high. Leaves spatulate-deltoid, pubescent,...

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Stapelia leendertziae (Apocynaceae)

Stems succulent, creeping, four-angled, velvety, green in Summer and reddish in Winter. Big, bell-shaped, brown-purple flower. South Africa...

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Gasteria brachyphylla (Aloaceae)

Clumping species up to 25 cm in height and in diameter. Leaves distichous, dark green in colour, densely covered with white spots, 23 cm in...

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Sansevieria kirkii var. pulchra (Dracenaceae)

Rosette succulent with very stiff leaves being dark green, white-mottled, wavy, and coppery pink shaded. Big white inflorescences. Very...

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Psidium giganteum (Myrtaceae)

Tree, up to 25 m in heigth. Similar to Psidium cattleyanum but leaves larger and tree sized. Fruit edible. Fast growing. Discovered in 1967...

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Parodia leninghausii (Cactaceae)

Clumping cylindrical cactus. Stem up to 1 m in length by 10 cm in diameter, densely covered with hair-like, long, soft, yellow spines....

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Lobivia ferox (Cactaceae)

Globose cactus; 30-70 cm high x 30 cm in diameter. Stems solitari, very spiny. Spines long and strong, slightly curved, blackish-grey....

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