Stems flat, toothed at margins, half-procumbent. Flowers white, bell-shaped, sexile, pendulous. Flowering occurs in March and February. Native of Brazil, where it grows wild on trees in montane forests over 1000 m in elevation. Cutting Bare root 12 cm pot

~~Herbaceous perennial, up to 40 cm high, cushion-shaped. Leaves narrow, glaucous-green, pointed. Flowers large, scented, solitary. Petals fringed at apex, light pink in colour. Central-eastern Europe. Hardy. 12 cm pot  

This hybrid was obtained in our nursery from Echidnopsis globosa. Stems creeping, strong, with roundish tubercles. Flowers apical, bell-shaped, brick-red in colour, 0.5 cm in diameter. Beautiful and interesting. Half shade. Well drained medium that must be completely dry in...

~~Herbaceous species with fleshy roots. Stems herbaceous, up to 60 cm long, deciduous in winter. Leaves alternate, ovate-lanceolate, serrate. Flowers bell-shaped with 5 lobes, purple-blue in colour. Flowers open copiously and for most of the summer at the stem apex. Hardy species originating in...

~~This plant has intermediate traits between the two varieties, particularly in the flowers. Stems prostrate, toothed, reddish-green. Flowers broadly campanulate, cream-white in colour outside, dark red and slightly papillose inside. Cutting Bare rooted 8 cm pot

This clivia species originates in the eastern South African coast. Leaves are ribbon-like, about 50 cm long and 4 cm wide, evergreen. Floral stems are about 40-45 cm long, carrying 10-20 flowers. Flowers tubular, pendulous, orange, green-tipped. It flowers from autumn to spring. Water abundantly in...

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Pancratium canariensis (Amaryllidaceae)

Very beautiful bulbous species. Leaves long (50x3 cm), Autumn-Winter-growing. Flowers white, formed by a central, campanulate, fringed...

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Abromeitiella chlorantha (Bromeliaceae)

Bromeliaceae This species, originating from southern Bolivia, has triangular leaves that are toothed at the base, pointed at apex and...

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Sansevieria parva clone 1 (Dracenaceae)

Very clumping species having long, thin, creeping rhizomes, with leaves being not very succulent, very lanceolate, erect, in tufts, dark...

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Cyrtanthus elatus (Amaryllidaceae)

Very beautiful and showy bulbous species, up to 60 cm high. In Spring-Summer it produces wonderful, crimson flowers, looking like the...

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Pancratium maritimum (Amaryllidaceae)

Bulbous plant growing wild in the sandy coastal dunes of south-western Europe. Leaves long and narrow, appearing after the first Autumn...

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Apios americana (Fabaceae)

Deciduous climber with tuberous roots. Stems twining. Leaves trifoliate, with ovate lobes. Dense axillary inflorescences. Flowers pea-like,...

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