Bearded iris. Leaves green, slightly glaucescent, 5 cm in width. Flowers stems up to 120 cm, branched. Flowers light blue, with a pinkish centre: standards darker than falls; beard yellow to white. Native to Middle East. Hardy. Rhizome

This species originates from the Cape Province and has long cylindrical stems (15 x 1.5 cm), that are compact and green to grey-green. Flowers star-shaped, 11 cm in diameter, glossy, pinkish-red, brownish or dark purple with yellow or yellowish wrinkles. Rare. Cutting Rooted cutting  

~~ Stems succulent, up to 25 cm high. Leaves fleshy, peltate, roundish-ovate, acuminate at apex, 9 cm in diameter. Colombia and Peru. Very beautiful and elegant. Not hardy. Keep in a shaded place. Abundant waterings in summer. 12 cm pot

~~South African native from the Western Cape. Stems up to 50 cm high, but usually decumbent or creeping. Leaves 5-lobed, with roundish lobes, densely pubescent and strongly mint candy scented. Flowers 15 mm in diameter, white, spotted with pink on the upper petals. Flowers are arranged in short...

~~ Also known as “zebra haworthia”, this plant has slender rosettes with leaves crossed by horizontal, rised, white stripes. The margin is smooth in the upper half. Uitenhage District and Albany District, Cape Province. Half-hardy.

Herbaceous perennial. Leaves peltate, round or suborbicular, fleshy, up to 9 cm in diameter, beared by long petioles. Very unusual. China (Yunnan). It preferes moist and shaded place. Not hardy. 10 cm pot   

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Pelargonium panduriforme (Geraniaceae)

Strongly scented shrub, up to 1.5 m high. Leaves pubescent, grey-green in colour, lobed, 35 × 25 mm in size. Inflorescences 2-20-flowered....

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Anacampseros rufescens (Crassulaceae)

~~Small succulent with tuberous roots. Stems dichotomously branched, 5-10 cm long. Leaves green, red below, up to 2 cm long. Bristly white...

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Huernia zebrina (Apocynaceae)

Stems about 5 cm high, stout, 4- or 5-angled. Flowers basal, 3 cm in diameter, light yellow cream with red spots. Annulus red. Half shade...

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Gasteria glomerata (Aloaceae)

This species forms clumpings that are up to 20 cm in diameter. Leaves distichous up to 30 cm long, rough, glaucous green. Flowers...

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Hoya pubicalyx ‘Pink Silver’ (Apocynaceae)

Very beautiful, purple-red, star-shaped flowers with white centre. Species origin: Philippines. Easy. Cutting Bare rooted 8 cm...

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Ferraria crispa (Iridaceae)

Unusual South-african bulbous species (Cape Province) with underground corms. Flowers in Spring, carried on up to 1 m long inflorescences,...

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