Epidendrum radicans (Orchidaceae)

It’s an epiphitic orchid with long, creeping or pendlous stems with aerial roots and coriaceous leaves up to 10 cm long. Red-orange, very...

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Nolina lindheimerana (Asparagaceae)

Caudex not present or very small. Leaves grass-like, up to 90 cm long, with entire apex. Origin: Texas. 14 cm pot  

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Dasylirion wheeleri RCH238 S Escondido, Nuevo León, Mexico (Asparagaceae)

~~ Shrub with stocky stems. Leaves narrow, finely toothed, stiff, up to 90 cm in length, in apical tuft. Inflorescences up to 5 m. Flowers...

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Peperomia polybotrya (Piperaceae)

~~ Stems succulent, up to 25 cm high. Leaves fleshy, peltate, roundish-ovate, acuminate at apex, 9 cm in diameter. Colombia and Peru. Very...

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Dianella revoluta (Phormiaceae)

~~This species is native to Tasmania and to New South Wales. Leaves up to 90 cm long, but usually shorter, stiff, glaucous, revolute at...

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