Arum cirenaicum Vamvakades, Crete (Araceae)

1 tuber (from may to october) 16 cm pot

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Zantedeschia aethiopica (Araceae)

White calla. This is the true wild form, not a cultivar. Good for wet soil in light place. Half-evergreen. Winter growing. Easy....

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Zantedeschia rehmannii (Araceae)

Pink calla with narrow lance-shaped leaves. This is the true wild form, not a cultivar. Keep rather dry in Winter, when it\\\\\\\\’s...

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Colocasia affinis (Colocasia jenningsii) (Araceae)

Beautiful showy species. Leaves pendulous, 10-15 × 7-10 cm in size, green with symmetrical, shaded, olive-green-brown blotches. It prefers...

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Alocasia cucullata (Araceae)

This species has green, very long petioles, up to 1 m in length. Leaves ovate, glossy green in colour, with a slender pointed apex. Native...

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