Tradescantia pallida \’Purpurea\’ (Setcreasea purpurea) (Commelinaceae)

This species has herbaceous, procumbent stems that are often deciduous in winter, particularly in colder zones. Leaves stem-wrapping,...

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Callisia fragrans (Commelinaceae)

This is a Mexican stoloniferous species. Leaves up to 30 x 7 cm, almost triangular, amplexicaul, shiny green above and red below, arranged...

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Cyanotis somaliensis (Tradescantia somaliensis) (Commelinaceae)

Half-creeping half-succulent. Leaves very dense, closely arranged, oblong-linear, sessile, about 4 x 1 cm in size, reddish-green, with...

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Callisia navicularis (Tradescantia navicularis) (Commelinaceae)

Succulent herbaceous with carinate and distichous leaves. In the branch segments with short internodes the close leaves look like small...

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Tradescantia sillamontana (Tradescantia velutina, Tradescantia pexata) (Commelinaceae)

Clumping semi-succulent herbaceous perennial with stems and leaves covered with white, very long and thick hair. Leaves ovate-lance-shaped,...

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