Crinum bulbispermum Dark Pink (Amaryllidaceae)

Amaryllidaceae - Amaryllids

Cut Bare root Pot
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Evergreen or deciduous South African bulbous species where temperatures drop close to zero. Semi-erect leaves, glaucous, up to 90 cm long. Bell-shaped, fragrant flowers, up to 15 cm long, supported by a robust scape up to 90 cm long. In this selection the flowers are a deep pink color. It blooms in summer-autumn. After flowering it can produce large bulb-like seeds hence the name of the species. Easy to grow, it needs slightly drained soil, a sunny position and regular watering in spring-summer. Watering must be reduced in winter but not completely stopped. The species is half-hardy and can also live in the open ground where frosts are sporadic and the soil is not soaked with water in winter.

9x9 cm pot with a little bulb

Little bulb

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