Amomum cardamomum (Elettaria cardamomum) (Zingiberaceae)

Evergreen rhizomatous being aromatic in every part of it. Scapes with lanceolate, dark green, rather glossy, ornamental leaves. Unusual...

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Alpinia zerumbeth (Zingiberaceae)

~Big rhizomatous herbaceous plant producing scapes bearing lanceolate leaves 40-60 cm long. Inflorescences pink, pendent, scented, up to 40...

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Curcuma angustifolia (Zingiberaceae)

This species can reach 45 cm in height. Leaves subsessile, wrapping. Flower stems short, appearing before the leaves. Flowers yellow;...

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Curcuma cfr. leucorrhiza (Zingiberaceae)

This species has a big cylindrical rhizome whose pulp is light yellow. Leaves up to 60 cm long, oblong, acuminate, beared by long petioles....

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