Vivaio Corazza - Who we are

We are a botanical nursery founded in 1995. Since then we always worked to supply unusual plants to our customers. Our production varies and enriches every year and is particularly devoted to enthusiasts, to collectors, to botanical gardens and to everybody being interested in unusual plants we cannot easily find on the market. Our nursery is also committed to the introduction into cultivation of new unusual species. We only sell healthy plants propagated and grown in our nursery in appropriate substrates that fit the species' requirements. We are not resellers, nor we sell wild-dug plants.


Plants are also trialed and studied at Vivaio Corazza. We also check for the taxonomical correctness of the accessions in our collections.


We also act as a conservation centre for some species that are grown ex-situ with locality data in our nursery.


Plant hardiness is stated in the catalogue descriptions, if experimented, relatively to the climatic conditions occurring in our nursery outdoors in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy.


We are at disposal of our customers to provide serious, science-based horticultural advice and botanical information, possibly by email.
The nursery is not open to the public and only exceptionally, if we have a bit of time available, we can receive visitors upon telephone appointment (please phone at least 2-3 days before).

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