Stems red-violet. Half-opened flowers densely covered with small dark red papillae and with lobes that are almost completely reflexed. Beautiful and unusual. Slightly branched cutting Branched rooted cutting 

~~Globose cactus being about 5 cm in diameter. Dark grey-green. Large tubercles with stout spines. Flowers white, about 6 cm in size. Easy. Half shade in Summer. Hardy if dry. Bare rooted 8 cm pot  

~~ Very ornamental shrub with heart-shaped leaves and numerous purple flowers appearing directly on the bark of the branches. More ornamental than Cercis siliquaster it has the earliest blooming in the Cercis genus. Flowers pea-like, about 2 cm in size. Soil medium or well drained. Full sunshine....

Stems round in section, finely covered with low square tubercles, similar to the echidnopsis ones, about 1 cm in diameter, 5-7 cm long, with underground stolons. Flowers white finely red-marbled, bell-shaped, with triangular open lobes, with very prominent papillae. Rare. South Africa (Eastern...

Herbaceous perennial forming dwarf clumps close to the soil. Leaves spathulate, intensely dark purple-red in colour. Leaves are darker in winter and in brighter exposures. Flowers blue, bilabiate, in erect inflorescences. Spring-flowering. Unusual and ornamental. It can easily grow in any soil, but...

~~Stems erect or ascendent, tufted, rhizomatous (rhizomes up to 14 cm in length), light green spotted with brown-red. Flowers brown-red in colour, 2 cm in diameter, bell-shaped. Lobes finely tomentose with revolute margin. Tanzania. Well drained soil. Keep dry in winter. Half shade. ONLY A FEW...

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Haworthia attenuata (Aloaceae)

The species has leaves that are erect or slightly curved, dark green, flexible and acuminate, covered with tubercles that externally form...

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Opuntia ovata (Maihueniopsis ovata) (Cactaceae)

This species is very rare in cultivation. Segments egg-shaped or almost spherical, about 3-4 x 1.5-2 cm. Very dwarf and caespitose. Spines...

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Opuntia salmiana var. albiflora (Cactaceae)

Small cylindrical opuntia with white, pink-shaded flowers. Very beautiful red fruits generating short branches. Very unusual and...

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Iris ochroleuca (Iris orientalis) (Iridaceae)

Plant with an underground rhizome, over 1 m in height. Leaves sword-shaped. Flowers 4-6 cm in diameter, white sprayed with orange-yellow in...

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Agave striata var. falcata Z66 (Asparagaceae)

~~ Unusual agave with leaves being basal, very narrow, semi-cylindrical, sickle-shaped, very stiff, pointed, glaucous. It forms a...

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Ferraria crispa (Iridaceae)

Unusual South-african bulbous species (Cape Province) with underground corms. Flowers in Spring, carried on up to 1 m long inflorescences,...

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