Stems with long teeth and with purple dots. Tunnel-shaped flowers with expanded lobes, about 2.5 cm in size, reddish-brown. Yemen, Ethiopia, Uganda e Kenya. Half shade in Summer. Well drained soil. Cutting   Rooted cutting   

~~Stapelia hybrid obtained in our nursery. Stems erect or procumbent, square in section, toothed and velvety. Flowers rather large (15-20 cm in diameter), wrinkled, purple-red in colour and covered with sparse purple hairs. Well drained soil. Keep warm and dry in winter. Excess humidity can cause...

~~Mexican bulbous species. Bulb subspherical. Leaves ribbon-like, light green in colour. Flowers solitary, bell-shaped, light yellow. Spring-summer flowering species. Drained soil. Half shade or full sunshine. Water regularly in spring-summer. Water sparingly in autumn-winter. Easily...

Stems big, strong, erect, velvety, square in section, reddish-green, 3 cm wide and much higher than other Stapelieae. Flowers star-shaped, 36 cm in diameter, yellow with thin purple stripes, with bristles. Easy. Fast growing. Keep in half shade in Summer. Species of southern Africa. Record flowers...

Small succulent with snake-like, dark green stems. Flowers unusual, very utriculate, about 15 mm long, violet-brown. Rare. Cutting  Bare root

~~ Also known as “zebra haworthia”, this plant has slender rosettes with leaves crossed by horizontal, rised, white stripes. The margin is smooth in the upper half. Uitenhage District and Albany District, Cape Province. Half-hardy.

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Oxalis regnellii (Oxalidaceae)

Rhizomatous species. Leaves trifoliate, light green in colour. Leaf segments triangular. Flowers white, 5-petalled, in inflorescences...

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Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’ (Dracenaceae)

Very beautiful plant with rhizome producing rosettes of tongue-like, succulent, fibrous and erect leaves, about 40 x 8 cm in size, in the...

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Haworthia attenuata (Aloaceae)

The species has leaves that are erect or slightly curved, dark green, flexible and acuminate, covered with tubercles that externally form...

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Eucodonia andrieuxii (Gesneriaceae)

Herbaceous species with scaly rhizomes. Leaves ovate, pubescent, light green above, reddish beneath.. Flowers solitary, bell-shaped,...

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Eriosyce senilis Ovalle, Chile (Neoporteria gerocephala, Neoporteria nidus var. gerocephal (Cactaceae)

Small spherical cactus wrapped by a tangle of bristly, long and curly spines. Spines white, grey or black. Flowers dark pink. Very...

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Euphorbia aeruginosa (Euphorbiaceae)

Small, shrubby, branched succulent. Stems very ornamental, thin, glaucous-green in colour, rusty-brown around the spines. Spines...

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