Small succulent with snake-like, dark green stems. Flowers unusual, very utriculate, about 15 mm long, violet-brown. Rare. Cutting  Bare root

~~Herbaceous perennial, up to 40 cm high, cushion-shaped. Leaves narrow, glaucous-green, pointed. Flowers large, scented, solitary. Petals fringed at apex, light pink in colour. Central-eastern Europe. Hardy. 12 cm pot  

Stems blackish-brown, about 6 mm in diameter, with fine teeth, creeping, very dense. Flowers small, campanulate, pale brown spotted with red-brown. Rare and ornamental. Madagascar. Cutting  Rooted cutting  

This clivia species originates in the eastern South African coast. Leaves are ribbon-like, about 50 cm long and 4 cm wide, evergreen. Floral stems are about 40-45 cm long, carrying 10-20 flowers. Flowers tubular, pendulous, orange, green-tipped. It flowers from autumn to spring. Water abundantly in...

~~Herbaceous species with fleshy roots. Stems herbaceous, up to 60 cm long, deciduous in winter. Leaves alternate, ovate-lanceolate, serrate. Flowers bell-shaped with 5 lobes, purple-blue in colour. Flowers open copiously and for most of the summer at the stem apex. Hardy species originating in...

~~Stems big, erect, velvety, square in section, with winged ribs, 3 cm wide and much higher than other Stapelieae. Flowers star-shaped, to 25 cm in diameter, yellow with thin purple stripes, with bristles. Easy. Fast growing. Keep in half shade in Summer. Species of southern Africa. Talea

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Asimina triloba (Annonaceae)

~~Deciduous tree up to 9 m tall, called also “mountain banana-tree”, very appreciated for it’s ovate-slender fruits, to 15 cm long,...

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Abromeitiella chlorantha (Bromeliaceae)

This species, originating from southern Bolivia, has triangular leaves that are toothed at the base, pointed at apex and form a closed...

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Oxalis tetraphylla ‘Iron Cross’ (Oxalis deppei ‘Iron Cross’) (Oxalidaceae)

Geophyte with corms with big contractile roots. Leaves showy, four-leaved clover-like, with purple centre. Flowers dark pink, 2 cm in...

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Caralluma hexagona RH202 Wadi Dhahr, 15 Km NW Sanaa, Yemen (Apocynaceae)

Stems grey-green, irregularly ribbed. This plant is compact, clumping, gnarled and slow growing. Flowers slightly campanulate, erect,...

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Huernia keniensis (Apocynaceae)

This is a very beautiful species. Stems 5-12 cm long, pentagonal in section. Flowers bell-shaped, dark purple and papillose inside. Origin:...

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Sansevieria trifasciata clone 1 (Dracenaceae)

Leaves strong, flat, up to 70 cm long, green with darker longitudinal stripes. Easy and rarer in cultivation with respect to its cultivars....

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