Stems square in section, olive green-reddish, velvety. Flowers purple, 5 cm in diameter, completely covered with long, soft, red-purple hair. White striped, reflexed lobes. Very beautiful and rare. Slightly branched cutting Slightly branched rooted cutting  

Very beautiful, purple-red, star-shaped flowers with white centre. Species origin: Philippines. Easy. Cutting Bare rooted

This hybrid was obtained in our nursery between Huernia stapelioides and Huernia hystrix. Stems strong, cylindrical-ovoid, branched, creeping or pendulous, flattened-triangular tubercled. Flowers strongly papillose, yellowish-green strongly striped with purple-red. Lobes reflexed. Very beautiful...

Native species of Zimbabwe where it grows on granite rock outcrops. Angular stems of green-purplish color with well evident tubercles. Five-lobed, cream-white flowers strongly mottled with red, with a diameter of about 4 cm. Lobes slightly revolute. Easy to grow, it needs a well-drained soil,...

Stems red-violet. Half-opened flowers densely covered with small dark red papillae and with lobes that are almost completely reflexed. Beautiful and unusual. Slightly branched cutting Branched rooted cutting 

The tuberous roots of this variety have a dark purple skin and a white flesh that is slightly pinkish just under the skin. This plant is much cultivated in South America for its tuberous, edible, sweet roots usually eaten like fruits. It can grow up to 2 m high. Leaves spatulate-deltoid, pubescent,...

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Zephyranthes tubispatha (Habranthus tubispathus Habranthus andersonii) (Amaryllidaceae)

~~Bulbous species. Leaves linear, up to 15 cm long. Flowers solitary, yellow with darker stripes outside. Origin: Argentina, southern...

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Hechtia podantha (Bromeliaceae)

Dioecious species. Leaves leathery, toothed at the margins, narrow and pointed, in basal rosettes, red-shaded if exposed to intense light....

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Echidnopsis x hybrida VC3 (Apocynaceae)

~~This hybrid was obtained in our nursery between Echidnopsis cereiformis and Echidnopsis dammaniana. Stems erect, slightly tubercled....

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Euphorbia aeruginosa (Euphorbiaceae)

Small, shrubby, branched succulent. Stems very ornamental, thin, glaucous-green in colour, rusty-brown around the spines. Spines...

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Hypoxis hirsuta (Hypoxidaceae)

  Very unusual and nice tuberous species. Leaves linear, long (30 x 1 cm), hairy, particularly at the margins. Flowers star-shaped,...

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