~~Bulbous species. Leaves linear, up to 30 cm long. Flowers solitary, almost erect, up to 9 cm long, bright pink in colour. Origin: Brazil. 3 bulbs    14 cm pot with 3 bulbs   

~~Mexican bulbous species. Bulb subspherical. Leaves ribbon-like, light green in colour. Flowers solitary, bell-shaped, light yellow. Spring-summer flowering species. Drained soil. Half shade or full sunshine. Water regularly in spring-summer. Water sparingly in autumn-winter. Easily...

~~ Stems succulent, up to 25 cm high. Leaves fleshy, peltate, roundish-ovate, acuminate at apex, 9 cm in diameter. Colombia and Peru. Very beautiful and elegant. Not hardy. Keep in a shaded place. Abundant waterings in summer. 12 cm pot

Leaves solitary, or rarely in pairs, up to 50 cm long, channelled, transversely striped, looking like tusks emerging from the soil. Flowers in dense inflorescences at soil level. Eastern Africa. Not hardy. Young plants. Bare root  16 cm pot   

~~Bulbous species, native to the Plata River swamps between Uruguay and Argentina. Bulb 2.5 cm in diameter. Leaves 30 x 0.3 cm, evergreen, erect, slightly fleshy. Flowers solitary, carried by 11 cm long stalks, white with a green base, 5 cm in diameter. Flowers open fully to form a star and close...

Stems flat, toothed at margins, half-procumbent. Flowers white, bell-shaped, sexile, pendulous. Flowering occurs in March and February. Native of Brazil, where it grows wild on trees in montane forests over 1000 m in elevation. Cutting Bare root 12 cm pot

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Haworthia attenuata (Aloaceae)

The species has leaves that are erect or slightly curved, dark green, flexible and acuminate, covered with tubercles that externally form...

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Colocasia affinis (Alocasia jenningsii) (Araceae)

Beautiful showy species. Leaves pendulous, 10-15 × 7-10 cm in size, green with symmetrical, shaded, olive-green-brown blotches. It prefers...

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Echidnopsis × hybrida ‘Fernando’ (Apocynaceae)

New hybrid obtained in our nursery from Echidnopsis ciliata. Stems strong, reaching 50 cm in length by 10 mm in diameter. Stems are...

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Hoya australis GPS10045 (Apocynaceae)

Bushy climber with succulent elliptical leaves that are reddish when young. Very beautiful umbels with glossy, white flowers stained with...

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Orbea baldratii (Caralluma baldratii, Pachycymbium baldratii) (Apocynaceae)

Stems with long teeth, with purple dots and with underground stolons. Flowers star-shaped, with very narrow lobes, about 2.5 cm in size,...

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Huernia volkartii var. volkartii (Apocynaceae)

Clumping species. Stems short, densely branched, forming a close clump. Flowers star-shaped, densely papillose, light cream-white in colour...

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