~~Globose cactus being about 5 cm in diameter. Dark grey-green. Large tubercles with stout spines. Flowers white, about 6 cm in size. Easy. Half shade in Summer. Hardy if dry. Bare rooted 8 cm pot  

The tuberous roots of this variety have a dark purple skin and a white flesh that is slightly pinkish just under the skin. This plant is much cultivated in South America for its tuberous, edible, sweet roots usually eaten like fruits. It can grow up to 2 m high. Leaves spatulate-deltoid, pubescent,...

~~Bulbous species. Leaves linear, up to 30 cm long. Flowers solitary, almost erect, up to 9 cm long, bright pink in colour. Origin: Brazil. 3 bulbs    14 cm pot with 3 bulbs   

~~Stapelia hybrid obtained in our nursery. Stems erect or procumbent, square in section, toothed and velvety. Flowers rather large (15-20 cm in diameter), wrinkled, purple-red in colour and covered with sparse purple hairs. Well drained soil. Keep warm and dry in winter. Excess humidity can cause...

  Rhizomatous clumping species. Leaves sword-like, arranged in a fan. Flowers star-shaped, yellow, in dense scorpioid inflorescences. South American mountain prairies. Drained soil. Half shade. Hardy. Rare in cultivation. Rhizome 14 cm pot  

Small stapeliad with numerous stems that are 8x2 cm in size, often tangled, usually square in section, toothed, green spotted with red. Flowers basal, solitary or in group. Corolla 3-4 cm in diameter, bell-shaped. Lobes widely triangular, densely papillose, whose colour is brown-green outside and...

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x Achimenantha naegelioides ’Inferno’ (Gesneriaceae) (Gesneriaceae)

Rhizomatous species up to 45 cm high. Leaves 6 × 3 cm, ovate-lanceolate, toothed, reddish. Flowers axillary, bright red in colour with a...

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Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’ (Dracenaceae)

Very beautiful plant with rhizome producing rosettes of tongue-like, succulent, fibrous and erect leaves, about 40 x 8 cm in size, in the...

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Alocasia cucullata (Araceae)

This species has green, very long petioles, up to 1 m in length. Leaves ovate, glossy green in colour, with a slender pointed apex. Native...

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Orbea baldratii (Caralluma baldratii, Pachycymbium baldratii) (Apocynaceae)

Stems with long teeth, with purple dots and with underground stolons. Flowers star-shaped, with very narrow lobes, about 2.5 cm in size,...

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Caralluma europaea var. europaea Lampedusa, Italy (Apocynaceae)

The only stapeliea present in the european flora. Groups of star-shaped striped flowers each 1.5 cm wide at the apex of the stems. It...

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Remusatia pumila (Araceae)

Beautiful showy species. Leaves pendulous, 10-15 × 7-10 cm in size, green with symmetrical, shaded, olive-green-brown blotches. It prefers...

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