~~This species belongs to the subgenus Evansia and is native to central and south-western China. Stout rhizome. Leaves thin, 30 x 2-2.5 cm in size, light green. Flowers 2-3 per spathe, 10 cm in diameter, more or less flattened, blue-lilac in colour with a darker venation. It flowers in April-May....

Species with creeping stems that are square in section, up to 50 cm long, olive-green and slightly red-dotted. Flowers in groups, 18 mm in diameter, smooth, with red and yellow stripes, with lobes that are light yellow and red-spotted. Ethiopia. Cutting Rooted cutting 

Beautiful caudiciform, very rare in cultivation. Caudex covered with whitish furrowed cork, very unusual and ornamental. Stem twining, deciduous, annual. Leaves heart-shaped, ornamental, about 8 cm in size. Flowers blackish-brown, fleshy, star-shaped, Caralluma-like, about 2 cm in diameter. It can...

Stems 1-5 cm long, 1-2 cm in diameter, cylindrical-ovoid, compact. Flowers 17-23 mm in diameter, star shaped. Lobes whitish or ivory-white spotted red and papillose. Native to the Great Karoo and Little Karoo (South Africa). Half shade. Well drained medium that must be kept completely dry in...

~~ Also known as “zebra haworthia”, this plant has slender rosettes with leaves crossed by horizontal, rised, white stripes. The margin is smooth in the upper half. Uitenhage District and Albany District, Cape Province. Half-hardy.

Clumping species. Stems short, densely branched, forming a close clump. Flowers star-shaped, densely papillose, light cream-white in colour blotched with red. Corolla tube internally striped with red. Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It grows wild in granitic mountains at elevations of 1000 to 1500...

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Capsicum annuum var. aviculare (Solanaceae)

~~This is probably the original wild pepper from which all the cultivated cultivars originate. Known as Tepín. It still grows wild in...

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Dioscorea alata (Dioscoreaceae)

Description not available. Tuber

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Caralluma baldratii (Apocynaceae)

Stems with long teeth, with purple dots and with underground stolons. Flowers star-shaped, with very narrow lobes, about 2.5 cm in size,...

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Aspidistra sp. (1)S-135 (Asparagaceae)

Unidentified chinese species. Leaves narrow and long, light green in colour, slightly spotted with yellow. Petiole short. Very clumping....

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Haworthia cooperi var. pilifera (Aloaceae)

~~Rosettes of triangular, succulent, keeled, slender, slightly toothed leaves with transparent stripes at apex. S. Africa....

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Opuntia sphaerica Sipia, Cañón de Cotahuasi, Peru, 2500 m (Cactaceae)

Small shrubby opuntia making colonies. Stem segments ovoid or globose, about 2 cm in diameter, covered with woolly white areoles. Spines...

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