Leaves solitary, or rarely in pairs, up to 50 cm long, channelled, transversely striped, looking like tusks emerging from the soil. Flowers in dense inflorescences at soil level. Eastern Africa. Not hardy. Young plants. Bare root  16 cm pot   

~~Bulbous species. Leaves linear, up to 30 cm long. Flowers solitary, almost erect, up to 9 cm long, bright pink in colour. Origin: Brazil. 3 bulbs    14 cm pot with 3 bulbs   

Very beautiful, purple-red, star-shaped flowers with white centre. Species origin: Philippines. Easy. Cutting Bare rooted

Species with fibrous roots. Stems erect, up to 1,5 m long. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, glossy green, with few silvery spots and waved margin. Flowers in close pendulous panicles, white. Very beautiful. Brazil. Not hardy. 16 cm pot

South-African species in the Iridaceae family with sward-like leaves that are arranged in a fan. Inflorescences erect or arched, bearing 10 flowers or more. Flowers green with tepals that are very narrow and reflexed, reminiscent of a spider. It flowers in winter-spring. This species grows from...

~~This hybrid was obtained in our nursery. Stems tufted, not very toothed, almost circular in section. Flowers 5-lobed (sometimes 6-lobed), white in the centre and pink on the lobes, fully dotted with red.

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Frerea indica Clone 2 (Caralluma frerei) (Apocynaceae)

The only stapeliad with true, fleshy and well developed leaves (caducous in the dry season). Stems creeping, cylindrical. Flowers...

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Opuntia microdasys var. albispina (Cactaceae)

Small opuntia with oval flat pads covered with numerous areoles of very white glochids and without spines. Centre and north of Mexico....

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Oxalis regnellii (Oxalidaceae)

Rhizomatous species. Leaves trifoliate, light green in colour. Leaf segments triangular. Flowers white, 5-petalled, in inflorescences...

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Adromischus cristatus Wildform (Crassulaceae)

Succulent, 10-15 cm high, compact, with stems covered with brown aerial roots. Leaves spatulate-flat, shiny-green, waved at apex. Flowers...

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Chionanthus retusus (Oleaceae)

Oleaceae Deciduous shrub or small tree up to 3 m in height. Leaves 10 cm in length, elliptical or ovate, white beneath. Inflorescences...

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Echidnopsis squamulata Near Taizz, Yemen (Apocynaceae)

Small succulent with snake-like, dark green stems. Flowers unusual, very utriculate, about 15 mm long, violet-brown. Rare. Single stem...

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