Clumping species, occasionally procumbent. Stems green, slightly shaded with red, with triangular and prominent teeth. Flowers star-shaped, 3-4 cm in diameter, wrinkled, red striped and blotched with yellow. Annulus smooth, red but white blotched with red on its upper part. Lobe margins with mobile...

Stems up to 50 cm long, creeping and slightly arched, 8-10 mm in diameter, not very toothed. Flowers cup-shaped, cream with red spots, over 2 cm in diameter. Half shade in Summer. Eastern Zimbabwe and Western Mozambique. Branched stem cutting  Branched rooted cutting   8 cm pot

~~Horticultural hybrid between Stapelia maculosa and Stapelia ‘Trifida’. Stems erect, square in section, toothed. Flowers star-shaped, red, slightly spotted with white and slightly wrinkled. Annulus flat, light red. Well drained soil. Keep dry in winter. Single stem cutting Single or...

~~Rhizomatous species with erect stems. Leaves narrow and long, toothed at the margin, light green. Flowers with a long red tube and five red petals with a yellow throat dotted with dark red. Regular waterings during its growing season. Monthly waterings during its winter rest. Tender. Shade....

~~Herbaceous perennial up to 70 cm high. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, toothed. Flowers 6-7 cm in diameter, bell-shaped, white. Hardy. In Winter it dies back to the roots. Half shade. Manchuria and Japan. Bare rooted (winter) 16 cm pot 

This hybrid was obtained in our nursery from Echidnopsis globosa. Stems creeping, strong, with roundish tubercles. Flowers apical, bell-shaped, brick-red in colour, 0.5 cm in diameter. Beautiful and interesting. Half shade. Well drained medium that must be completely dry in winter. Single or...

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Ferraria crispa (Iridaceae)

Unusual South-african bulbous species (Cape Province) with underground corms. Flowers in Spring, carried on up to 1 m long inflorescences,...

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Huernia aspera Iringa Province, Tanzania (Apocynaceae)

Half-prostrate succulent with 5-6-angled stems with short teeth. Flowers purple-brown, 2-2.5 cm in diameter, slightly campanulate, roughly...

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Apios americana (Fabaceae)

Deciduous climber with tuberous roots. Stems twining. Leaves trifoliate, with ovate lobes. Dense axillary inflorescences. Flowers pea-like,...

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Huernia tanganyikensis x Huernia procumbens (Apocynaceae)

Stems rather creeping, with blunt ribs. Flowers star-shaped, about 3 cm in diameter. Lobes ivory with red spots.  Glossy, red, prominent...

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Sansevieria parva clone 2 (Dracenaceae)

Very clumping species. Leaves not very succulent, transversally striped above. Flowers in spikes. Very well drained soil and half shade....

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Adromischus cristatus Wildform (Crassulaceae)

Succulent, 10-15 cm high, compact, with stems covered with brown aerial roots. Leaves spatulate-flat, shiny-green, waved at apex. Flowers...

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