South-African species in the Iridaceae family with sward-like leaves that are arranged in a fan. Inflorescences erect or arched, bearing 10 flowers or more. Flowers green with tepals that are very narrow and reflexed, reminiscent of a spider. It flowers in winter-spring. This species grows from...

Long and thin stems, slightly tuberculate, that are green spotted red-purple. Flowers in groups, pink in colour. Beautiful and unusual. Slightly branched cutting  Slightly branched rooted cutting  

~~Herbaceous perennial, up to 40 cm high, cushion-shaped. Leaves narrow, glaucous-green, pointed. Flowers large, scented, solitary. Petals fringed at apex, light pink in colour. Central-eastern Europe. Hardy. 12 cm pot  

~~This species originates from the northern China and is up to 1 m high. Leaves with a long petiole, divided in three leaflets, strongly toothed. Inflorescences branched, in summer-autumn. Flowers 5-8 cm in diameter, pink, with ovate sepals. Very beautiful and elegant. Good for shaded exposures and...

Clumping species, occasionally procumbent. Stems green, slightly shaded with red, with triangular and prominent teeth. Flowers star-shaped, 3-4 cm in diameter, wrinkled, red striped and blotched with yellow. Annulus smooth, red but white blotched with red on its upper part. Lobe margins with mobile...

~~Small globose-depressed cactus being ribbed and about 5 cm in diameter. Spines numerous, brown. Flower yellow with red stigma, about 5 cm in diameter. It clumps by short basal stolons. Half shade in Summer. Easy. Bare rooted Pot

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Abromeitiella chlorantha (Bromeliaceae)

This species, originating from southern Bolivia, has triangular leaves that are toothed at the base, pointed at apex and form a closed...

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Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’ (Dracenaceae)

Very beautiful plant with rhizome producing rosettes of tongue-like, succulent, fibrous and erect leaves, about 40 x 8 cm in size, in the...

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Opuntia articulata syringacantha (Tephrocactus articulatus syringacanthus) (Cactaceae)

Small opuntia with ovoid articles about 2 cm wide and 5 cm long. Spines big, grey, stiff, ribbon-like, about 6 cm long and 4 mm...

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Apios americana (Fabaceae)

Deciduous climber with tuberous roots. Stems twining. Leaves trifoliate, with ovate lobes. Dense axillary inflorescences. Flowers pea-like,...

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Eucomis autumnalis (Asparagaceae)

Bulbous plant 6-30 cm high. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, waved at margin. Flowers white or greenish, 1.3-2.5 cm in diameter, in dense erect...

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Huernia x pendurata (Apocynaceae)

Ibrido tra H. pendula e H. hystrix. Stems numerous, 8-10 mm in diameter, violet-glaucous. Very beautiful, even without flowers. Flowers...

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